I consider myself a blessed person.
I have a dynamic family with loving children and grandchildren.
Men and women of diverse backgrounds enrich my life.
I have lived in and loved Hawai'i since I drew my first breath.
From the crest of Mauna Kea, the cold of the snow goddess Poliahu has chilled my soul.
My heart has pounded the rhythm of a chanting drum while running across the blistering lava fields of Kona.
Upon the crest of Haleakala, I have felt the golden rays of the dawn's sun caress these Islands.
In the dark loneliness of Papalaua Valley on Moloka'i, I have heard the wind whisper of ancient Hawai'i.
My back has ached from paddling countless strokes while racing a koa canoe across the raging Kaiwi Channel.
In the shadow of Konahuanui, I have felt the warriors' ghosts.
I have danced with the waves in the soft light of a full moon night in Hanalei.
I have glided across the face of azure walls of water, while surfing the mystical waves of Hawai'i.
All this is my wealth. I am a man of Hawai'i.


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